You won’t believe how I struggled to come up with a name for this blog.

Well, perhaps you will, but I sure didn’t expect to have such a hard time. The title needed to express something about my transition from not-librarian to librarian—whatever that means—with a reference to something just obscure enough to make me seem well-read but still relatable. Tall order, that.

After banging my head against several bad ideas, I got to thinking about what this transition was, anyway. It all centers around my new job. Tomorrow, May 29th, I begin as the Physics-Optics-Astronomy Librarian at the University of Rochester. Over a year out of library school, I’m finally starting the job I’ve wanted all along. I’m thrilled and terrified all at once.

The natural question is when, precisely, that change happens. I’ve been calling myself a librarian since I finished my MLS, but I won’t be able to put it on a business card until tomorrow morning. What’s the difference? A paycheck? That seems like a lame way to define it. Isn’t someone with a J.D. a lawyer, regardless of how they pay the bills?

I know that I’m totally competent for the job I start tomorrow—more than competent—but I’ll be more competent in a few weeks or months. The common wisdom is that one never really arrives, never finishes becoming. I’ll be more of a librarian tomorrow than I was today.

So there’s the title. I plan to use this space to chronicle the journey.